Multi Period Living History Group

Childrens Drill

Fall in! Look Lively!!

Discipline and training is the backbone of any army and the Second World War required just these attributes.

But Britain, Germany and America were in a time of conscription. It was the job of the Sergeant Major to take the green raw recruits and mold them into a professional courageous fighting force.

As part of this show we will invite visiting members of the public (preferably the young) to enlist and take up arms against the enemy. In the event of a lack of volunteers we have ways of securing a draft.

Our Sergeant will then whip them into a smart march, run them through basic fitness and then train the aggression and need to win instincts into them before they face the enemy

Finally they will be deployed on operation to bring back a German prisoner.

While having a serious message in the commentary this display is both fun and interactive for visitors of your show and gives a brief insight into some of the rigours of the intensive training regime.

Parents frequently comment that they have never seen their children so obedient and smart.

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