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Georgian / Regency

Honour and Crime in the Age of Enlightenment


A Polite Exchange of Bullets
The Gentleman's Pistol Duel

We can provide a 30 minute talk featuring the etiquette and practice of duelling in the late 18th to early 19th Centuries and what it meant to fight to defend your honour.

This talk and demonstration will cover a multitude of points regarding Georgian life and honour, all having been researched from the newspaper records of court testimonies. Examples of these are below:

  • Why would one fight a duel?.

  • Is it legal?

  • How many fatal duels were there ?

  • What are the rules ?

  • What killed duelling off ?

Corpse and Effect
The Macabre Art of Body Snatching

We can provide a 45 minute live demonstration, including commentary and talk, of how to snatch a body.


The body snatcher, or resurrectionist was a much feared criminal in the early 19th century. He would sneak into graveyards and remove recently interred bodies selling them for a healthy, if immoral, profit to surgeons for teaching and research.

This talk and demonstration includes an opprtunity to witness this from inside the grave and will cover a multitude of points regarding this crime. Examples of these are below:

  • What tools did you need?

  • How much money was in the business?

  • How to not leave the evidence

  • How to stay on the right side of the law.

  • What made this crime die out?

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