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Clash of Steel and the downfall of Kings


Armoured Foot Tourney

We can provide a 45 minute talk followed by demonstrations of the arms, armour, equipment and experiences of the medieval man at arms.

Fully armoured men-at-arms in authentic steel plate armour will fight it out with bill, sword, buckler, poleaxe and if necessary dagger.

Your visitors can choose their champion in each round for this completely unchoreographed series of combats.

Along with the combat there is included a talk through of the combat styles, their history and evolution.

All the moves are taken from the authentic 15th Century duellists manuals of Germany and Italy, devised by the original judicial champions of the period.

Arming of the Knight

The Arming the Knight show takes our model from the basic 15th Century fashion of the doublet and hose up to the full harness of authentic steel plate armour.

The demonstration lasts approximately 30 minutes and covers each piece of armour, its history and how it fits into the overall harness offering protection in its own individual way.

As with all Foreign Field displays the public are then invited to talk to the soldiers and fighters, ask any questions they wish and see the weapons and equipment of the day.

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