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Multi Period Festivals

500 years of history in just 3 people.


Small Group! Big Impact!

Because we cover any and all periods of history that interest us this gives us a rather unique selling point when compared to some other Living History groups.

That is we can cover more than one period of history in one show.

If your show is looking for live educational entertainment periodically throughout each day but not wanting to hire in multiple performers and specialists for each period of history then we are for you.

A Typical Timetable

What we are showing below is the timetable of shows we presented in one day for the Chalke Valley History Festival in June 2021:

10:30 am - A Polite Exchange of Bullets - Georgian Upper Class

12:00 pm - Corpse and Effect - Georgian Lower Class

2:00pm - Medieval Armoured Combat - 15th Century

3:30pm - Eat Knuckles Fritz - World War 2

We can tailor a timetable that works with your festival or event to give the maximum value.

In between each presentation there will be chance for visitors to air any questions and take part in handling sessions.


Festivals We Have Worked With

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