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Foreign Field in Museums

History outside the glass casing


Live Costumed Interpretation

Foreign Field provides living history talks and experiences of historical life in action for your museum exhibitions.

The range of services for your displays include solo talks and interpretations in authentic period clothing, small group interpretations and up to a full indoor living history tableau depicting your chosen period of history.

Outdoor demonstrations, entertainments and displays featuring the history of your location can be created to meet your demands and exceed your expectations.

Shows in our repertoire that suit an indoor museum display include:

  • The D-Day Paratrooper - can be run as a handling session

  • The Unsung Heroes of D-Day - can be delivered anywhere in your museum

  • The Malaya Emergency - performed hourly for RAF Cosford

  • A Polite Exchange of Bullets

  • Play Your Own Cuban Missile Crisis

Each day will contain a selection of presentations and handling sessions throughout the day.

If you have an open space indoors that can be cordoned off then potentially the medieval and WW2 combat shows can be performed within your museum.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Making Historic Medicines


Museums We Have Worked With


An Example

In February 2021 we took part in the "Arms and Armour" weekend for the National Emergency Services Museum.

You might think that Emergency Services couldn't be linked with medieval combat but we worked alongside both the museum and South Yorkshire Police to show the evolution of armour in civil security since even before the days of organised policing.

Throughout the weekend we operated an Arms and Armour handling session, allowing visitors to try items on and feel the weight, and performing some slo-mo demonstrations of how this armour could defend you.

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