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Twas the End of the World As We Know It

So that was Halloween weekend, and normally you'd think that we'd be somewhere delivering a bodysnatching show but no... that would be just too normal wouldn't it?

This Halloween we're all about the Caribbean and the Nuclear threat.

2022 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis (14th - 27th October 1962) and to mark this the National Cold War Exhibition at Royal Air Force Museum Midlands hosted a weekend of living history covering the Crisis.

What a perfect time to get out "Play Your Own Cuban Missile Crisis"

So over the course of the weekend we managed to squeeze in 18 interactive games. Sadly, once again there were no peaceful resolutions to the crisis. It is harder than you think.

We are somewhat proud that we have over a 95% fail rate.

So with a total of 92 games played so far and only 4 winners do your visitors have what it takes?

Play Your Own Cuban Missile Crisis will be back in 2023 and we are currently working on a Civil Defence exercise. Can you manage your county and it's people through a nuclear attack? Find out next year.

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