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Single Period Historical Events

From the Tournament to the Triumph


Small Group! Big Impact!

A single period of history means we can appear on a larger scale and bring an appropriate living history camp.


So if you're providing a Regency Gala, a 1940s weekend or a medieval tournament we can add value and action to your arena and outdoor spaces

We will provide live educational entertainment periodically throughout each day 

A Typical Timetable

What we are showing below is the timetable of shows we presented in one day for a reasonably sized 1940s weekend:

11:30 am - The D-Day Paratrooper

1:00pm - Unsung Heroes of D-Day

2:00pm - Eat Knuckles Fritz

3:00pm - Escaping the Prison Camps

4:00pm - Unsung Heroes of D-Day

We can tailor a timetable that works with your event to give the maximum value.

In between each presentation there will be chance for visitors to air any questions and take part in handling sessions.


Organisations We Have Worked With

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