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Single Talks & Stage Shows

Grand stages to Local History Societies


Special Presentations

With all the history we've studied and prepared we just love to share it in new and interesting ways.

Almost all of our costumed interpretations can be performed either on stage or in a smaller gathering and we have a proud history of working with local history groups near us.

Additionally we can scale up to stage presentations and history evenings that your venue could use as a specific ticketed event in its own right.

If you have heard our podcast then maybe you might want to contact us about "History Rage Live"

The A-Z of Surprising History

The A-Z series is a recent project to create a series of stage shows incorporating audio, visuals and audience involvement.

Currently in the repertoire are:

The A-z of Surprising Historic Crime


The A-Z of Surprising Historic Medicine

In each show the audience will select a letter of the alphabet which will trigger our presenters Paul, and Kyle, to deliver a 5 to 10 minute presentation associated with that letter.

M is for Murderous Monks

P is for Pain

A is for Assassinations

G is for Greeks

Each show will be different as nobody knows which letters will be picked.

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